Festival of Dangerous Ideas: Graphic Design

The project was undertaken as a graphic design assignment at UNSW. A visual play of elements such as vintage collage art, illustration, colour and value along with principles such as contrast, asymmetry and hierarchy, gave form to the new interpretation for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2021. The focal points were the use of striking colours and discords, graffiti typography, and the hierarchy of type.

Project Period
3 weeks, March –  May 2021

Pen & paper, Adobe Illustrator, Mindnode


The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is the original disruptive festival. It brings to light important conversations that push the boundaries of conventional thought. It presents a line-up of international and local thinkers and culture creators, inviting the public to immerse themselves in ideas and conversations that encourage debate and critical thinking. Across the past nine festivals, FODI has had local and international experts from a diverse range of disciplines take to the stage to bring to light different perspectives on the most divisive issues we face.

Subsidiary Event Poster -
Hosting Humanity

Event Hosting Humanity focuses on the topic that whether tech platforms to blame for all online evils.

Bullies and trolls, the technology platforms have amplified the worst of humanity. The focal point is a girl drowning in the cyber world signified with the social media icons. Metaphor is employed here to stress the power of cyber world, which is like sinking in a bottomless ocean.

Subsidiary Event Poster -
Editing Humans

Editing Humans discusses the topic that with the power to edit human genes and control evolution ourselves, should a human be worried about breaking the race.

The poster mobilises collage art to express the theme of gene editing. The focal point implies genes editing by depicting a scene of people assembling a doll at their wills.

FODI Brochure

Saddle stitching A5 brochure with extra page on the cover printed with event identity, date and venue.

On the right side of cover page, the letters block consists of controversial topics  stands as a semiotic index for danger and unknown, striking and blocked. Thus, distinctly highlighting the main virtue of the Festival of ‘Dangerous’ Ideas. When flipping the extra page, audience sees a pole vaulter getting ready to jump over the letter block way higher than where he stands. The pole vault signifies the utmost effort of exploring the unknown and challenges, which anchors the event theme, the exploration of the dangerous ideas.