Brand Identity Redesign

Redesign the brand identity of Communiteer to amplify its service feature of using algorithm to optimise the volunteering. The hypothetical project was undertaken as a graphic design assessment at UNSW.

Project Period
3 weeks, February –  March 2021

Pen & paper, Adobe Illustrator, Mindnode

Project Overview
01. Problem

Communiteer is an online platform where not-for-profits, businesses and volunteers can come together to participate in online volunteering and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Unlike other traditional NGOs, Communiteer specialises in using the algorithm to match volunteers with the right volunteering opportunities based on their SDGs, skillsets and availability. Comparing with the competitors, Communiteer provides more efficient, flexible and personalised volunteering services. To stress the brand features, a new brand identity accompanied with the style guide is designed by using metaphor and symbolism.

Project Overview
02. Outcome

The new logo is a combo of circuit board and leaf, which represents the dual of technology and sustainability. Metaphor is mobilised here to connect the leaf veins with the  wires on circuit board.

The new logo delivers a fresh, techie brand image as well as a unique proposition that Communiteer specialised in using technology for social good.




Research -
01. Target Audience

Research -
02. Competitors Analysis

Ideation & Iteration
01. Mind Map

Ideation & Iteration
02. Sketches

Idea 1 inspires from the keyword, connection, which delivers a message that Communiteer helps to connect all stakeholders throughout the nation. The outline of the logo is the combination of C and M, and the nodes and lines inside signify the connection and outline the map of Australia.

Idea 2 comes from the keyword collaboration. Bee is one of the symbols that is naturally associated with community and collaboration. By using pixelated honeycomb, the identity is given a layer of digitalised community, unity, and cooperation.

The third idea is inspired by the keywords algorithm. The leaf on the right side stands as a semiotic index for sustainability and nature. The leaf vein expands and transforms into wire and digital components on the left side, which signifies technology and algorithm.

Ideation & Iteration
03. Pattern